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Kickstart your game with an awesome inswing to some BIG wins on BalleBaazi! We are as passionate about fantasy football as you are, and we offer you a smarter way to help you team up with your favourite superstars today!

The most popular sport in the world, Football is more of a language that we all speak with equal ease. It comprises two teams with eleven passionate players on each side that are led by a Captain and instructed by a Coach. The two sides choose their one half on the ground, only to ferociously defend it while relentlessly attacking the rival half. Players pass the ball around with their feet, chest or heads to lead it into the goalpost of the rival half and thus score a goal.

A footballer invests years of unidirectional focus and a ‘never-say-die’ attitude to ahead in the game and to spend his passion in the best way possible. But this is easier said than done. One may get hurt, there may be foul play accounted for, there is a race for the game ball and there could only be one winner after a hard-fought game. Then there are 22 players standing completely exhausted thousands of fans cheering them from the sidelines. Whatever may happen next, the Earth surely stops spinning for these 90 minutes.

BalleBaazi brings closer to the same trademark thrill through its online fantasy football league.

It is just where you get the complete action of the sorts without sweating your life force out. You may create a team of the best football superstars that you believe would fetch you the maximum points and thus score a straight win. If you are good enough at a game, our exceptionally player-centric fantasy football points system would get you closer to BIG rewards!

We are home to online fantasy leagues that feature capsule sized buy-ins (as low as INR 1) and sky-high prize pools. These leagues are additionally powered by the best spectrum of rewards on a daily, weekly and regular basis. All you would need to do is to download our all-new app and start forming your best teams to get gaming like a boss!

How to play Fantasy Football?

With BalleBaazi, you can always be sure of a straight-line path between your online gaming skills and some BIG rewards every day. This online portal is powered by a simple process to help you create a match-winning team every time.
Choose the game you want to play in
Create your fantasy team as per credit limits
Go for a Cash League or Practice Contest of your choice
Take your shot at the rewards on offer

This surely is the best way to learn to play fantasy football and to take your shot at being the best. You may download the BB app now to get started with your first game today!

Fantasy Football League Rules

Hi, we speak football!
Learning how to play fantasy football is as easy as 1-2-3 with BalleBaazi. These rules are related to the overall development of the game in the duration of play and just how you should create a virtual team. We offer a completely skill-based environment where you may use your passion to translate your best performances to monetary rewards.
Here’s how to get started like a boss with the game :

1. Team Formation:
A Fantasy Football may not contain more than 11 players
This fantasy squad should be led by a Captain and Vice-Captain.
All these 11 players may be selected from their preset credit points
You may choose specialist players as:

▪ Goalkeeper: Only 1.
▪ Center Forwards: Minimum 1 and Maximum 3
▪ Defenders: Minimum 3 and Maximum 5
▪ Midfielders: Minimum 3 and Maximum 5
▪ A maximum of 7 players are allowed from one competing team

Please note that the Captain and the Vice-Captain get 2x and 1.5x points respectively.

2. Game Play :

Every Successful tackle or assist would attract positive points.
Every valid scored goal would attract positive points.
Every self-goal would attract negative points.
Every valid Goal would attract positive points.
Every valid assist for a Goal would be equal to 5 points.
Every Clean Sheet would attract positive points.
Every Penalty Shot saved would be equal to 9 points.

3. Discipline:

There are two disciplinary cards in Football: Red and Yellow.
Getting one or more of these disciplinary cards would attract negative points.
Yellow Card: -1 point. Red Card: -3 points.
A player would receive a total of negative points for all the cards that he has been shown.

4. Extra Time

Any event during the Extra Time (In-Game; not Post Game for a tie-breaker) that affects the game would attract points.

Events carried out during Penalty Shootouts after Extra Time do not carry any points.

Please note that all the above events (that qualify for distribution of points) would be assigned points as per our Fantasy Football Points System. We encourage you to visit this page to also understand the topic better.

For any further clarification, we advise you to Contact Us via

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